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Blackbox 610R Competition ESC w/Programmer


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CNC machined black aluminum case with integrated heat sink
Fully adjustable brake, throttle, power, and safety functions
Blinky mode with ROAR approved software
Precision throttle and brake control
Ultra-low resistance FET board
32-bit microcontroller unit (MCU)
On-board power button
Solder tabs with 13-gauge power wires
Pro external capacitor board
RPM and ESC temp data logging
Firmware updateable
Greater performance, higher quality--includes PRogrammer2
When released in 2017, the Reedy Blackbox 510R set the standard for drivability and braking feel in the RC racing world. Now, after months of rumors and gossip, the all-new Reedy Blackbox 610R is available to racers worldwide!
Updated hardware, new tuning options, and extensive competition testing by Reedy's engineering and racing team will not go unnoticed. The end result? Greater performance, higher quality, and a more reliable ESC for racers of all skill levels. World-class throttle and brake feel with precision adjustability makes the Blackbox 610R the ideal choice for stock/spec and modified class 1:10 on-road and off-road racing applications.
Programmable Functions
Default settings have been developed by our racing team for excellent performance out of the box, but the maximum potential of the 610R can be exploited by using the optional Blackbox Programmer2 to fine tune a wide variety of settings. In addition to working as a programmer, the Programmer2 functions as a LiPo battery voltage checker and as a USB firmware update device.
The 610R ESC includes two modes that can be modified and saved independently of one another. Standard mode offers a wide variety of tuning options while Expert mode takes it one step further and opens additional options for more experienced racers and/or racing classes that can take advantage of these advanced settings.
The following functions can be modified and saved using the Blackbox Programmer2:
Overall brake strength, frequency, drag brake, initial brake, and punch can be adjusted to perfect brake performance and feel in different vehicles and track conditions. A new brake mode selection offers a choice of three braking options to suit the driver's personal preference and track conditions.
Drive frequency, punch, initial throttle, current limit, and dead-band adjustability make the ideal setup possible regardless of the type of motor chosen and the type of vehicle being raced.
Motor Power
Advanced acceleration boost and top speed timing settings are particularly useful on large or high-grip tracks in modified classes or in stock classes when ESC timing is permitted. Settings can be used individually or together to achieve maximum acceleration and top speed. New soft power and coast settings create fine tuning options to adjust low-end power to suit various track conditions and drivability requirements. Standard tuning mode simplifies timing adjustments for less experienced racers or in newer users or in applications where advanced settings are not required.
Miscellaneous Control
Choose Forward/Brake or Forward/Brake/Reverse mode and adjust the BEC output voltage to fine tune servo speed to suit driver preference. Select the desired low voltage cutoff or disable it completely. The temperature at which the ESC cuts motor power due to overheating can also be adjusted or disabled. For vehicles that require it, reversing the rotation of the motor is possible.
To program the Blackbox 610R, the #27027 Programmer2 with firmware version EE460139 must be used. This version is already installed when purchasing the #27017 610R/Programmer combo. Firmware updates and Blackbox Link version 2.6 can be found on the 610R product page at www. reedypower. com.

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21062 Bake Parkway

Lake Forest, CA 92630-8853

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