Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Open since 1987 | Online since 1996

2023 Hobby Etc Racing

We regularly host racing events on our track, located next to our store location in Manchester, NH. You can also come any time the track is open to practice, or just to watch the action.
The track is currently open. Feel free to come and practice your driving skills!


Hobby Etc.

140 Hayward Street, Manchester

New Hampshire 03103


Weather permitting, we hold racing events every Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon throughout the spring, summer and fall.


  • Open: 8 AM
  • Registration closes: 6:00 PM
  • First heat: 6:30 PM
  • Last heat: Typically between 9:30 and 10:30 PM


  • Open: 8 AM
  • Registration closes: 12:30 PM
  • First heat: 1 PM
  • Last heat: Typically between 4:30 and 5:30 PM

Entry fee

Currently, there is no entry fee to race on our track.

We plan for this to change as our facilities improve but, for now, there is no charge.


All of our race and practice session results are published on LiveRC.

What do I need?

  • An RC car or truck
  • A MyLaps Transponder
    • Any transponder we carry will work.
    • These transponders also work at nearly all the other tracks in the USA.
  • A signed waiver on file
    • These are also available in the store.
  • A table, chair, and a charger.
    • Power and pit space is limited.
    • Bring a folding table and chair.
  • A positive attitude!
    • Don't be the one who makes us create a rule.
    • We're all here to have fun, meet with old friends, and make some new friends.


Our rules mirror R.O.A.R. regulations.

That said, here are some important highlights:


We typically run "open" motors. There are no restrictions. RC car racing is expensive. If you can go the same speed with a $60 modified motor as you can with a $120 spec motor, just buy the modified one and spend the money on tires.


LiPo batteries need to be treated safely. Excessive charge rates and over-voltage charging are not safe. Fireproof charging containers are a big part of safe operation. LiPo batteries should be "hard case", and mounted securely in your model.

1:10 scale classes are restricted to 7 cell NiMh or 2 cell LiPo

1:8 scale classes may not use more than 4 LiPo cell packs.


Sorry, no nitro.

We would like to have at least five vehicles to run a class. Participation will dictate how classes are divided by motor size. We can add or remove classes as needed.

  • 1:10 Off-road: 2 cell LiPo limit
    • 1:10 Four Wheel Drive Buggy open
    • 1:10 Two Wheel Drive Buggy open
    • 1:10 Two Wheel Drive Short Course open
    • 1:10 Four Wheel Drive Short Course open
    • 1:10 Baby Truggy open
    • 1:10 Phillips Head - emphasis on fun. Tamiya and Kyosho re-release cars and trucks.
    • OnlyVans - "Stock" Tamiya Lunchbox. Must use kit body and kit tires. Upgrades are not forbidden, but also not encouraged. Concours points for best paint and accessories awarded during drivers meeting. Go nuts: lights, spoilers, sounds - build a one-of-a-kind model and "race" with some friends.
    • Novice/beginner/sportsman - any vehicle with any motor and battery is welcome. We only ask that you commit to staying for the full event day.
  • 1:8 Off-road: 4 cell LiPo limit
    • 1:8 E-Buggy open
    • 1:8 E-Truggy open

If your electric car doesn't fit into one of these classes, we will not turn you away from racing. We’ll work to find a “best match” class to run in.